Which quality mattress is best?

It adapts to most sleeping positions, but I wouldn't recommend it to people who sleep on their sides and want a soft mattress, especially those who weigh less than 145 pounds. Read more in our full Allswell mattress review. Foam mattresses are made entirely of layers of foam, including memory foam, latex foam, or gel foam mattress options. If you notice any defects in your mattress during the warranty period, contact the manufacturer; you may be entitled to free repairs or to have a new mattress replaced.

Most new mattresses come with warranties against manufacturing defects and usually cover the mattress for 10 to 25 years. Just because you find praise on social media for a particular mattress brand doesn't mean it's necessarily a great mattress for you. The extra useful surface of the mattress and the sense of perimeter support can greatly contribute to the overall comfort of a mattress. These mattresses adapt to the body, creating the feeling of sleeping “on the mattress” and not “on the surface””.

It is important to note that foam mattresses, in general, tend to have great motion insulation, which means that the good performance of the Nectar in this case indicates that it isolates movement much better than the average mattress. Keep reading to take a closer look at the best mattresses of the year, or check out the specific sleeping guides for the best mattresses for back pain or those who sleep on the side. Buying a new mattress in a physical store has its advantages, such as being able to feel the mattress and talk to an expert in person. Over the past three years, we've surveyed more than 10,000 mattress owners and reviewed answers to more than 170,000 questions to help us select the best mattresses that you can buy.